Brenda Basal

Business Management Assistant:
-Payroll Processing
-Contract/Insurance Compliance
-Fiscal Support for EI and ID Programs
-General Account Bank Reconciliation
-Representative Payee
-Waiver Re-Evaluation Processing
-Re-Qualification Processing
-Payroll Taxes
(814) 949-2912 ext. 203


Jeanna Bilek

Intellectual Disabilities Program Manager:
-Individual Support Plans
-ISP Work Group Co-Lead
-Variance and Monitoring Deviation
-Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST) Member
-Provider Contract
-Human Rights Committee Facilitator
-Lead for Dr. Denise Vanacore
-Certified Investigator
(814) 949-2912 ext. 216


Melissa Gordon

Intellectual Disability ProgramDirector:
-Waiver Capacity/Allocation
-ID Provider Liaison
-OBRA Lead
-ISP Work Group Co-Lead
-Life Sharing Lead
-Provider Development
-Unanticipated Emergency
-Grievance Resolution
-Certified Investigator
(814) 949-2912 ext. 208

Carol Hartman

Director of Finance:
-PROMISe Claims Reconciliation/Resolution
-HCSIS Administrator
-Desk Review (Cost Reports)
-Fiscal Data/Reporting
-Audit Provider Financials
-Accounts Payable/General Ledger
-Payroll Account Bank Reconciliation
-Service Authorization
-Fiscal Year Renewals (ISPs)
(814) 949-2912 ext. 210


Jamie Henry

-Administrative Entity Liaison
-Budget Oversight
-Compliant Resolution
-Person Centered Thinking Mentor
-Personnel Supervision
-Supports Coordination Organization Liaison
(814) 949-2912 ext. 211


Steve Karns

Quality Assurance Manager:
-Health Care Quality Unit (HQCU) Liaison
-Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) Liaison
-Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA&I)
-Quality Assurance Group
-New Provider Orientation
-Request for Proposal
-Corrective Action Plans
-Certified Investigator
(814) 949-2912 ext. 209


Kelly Popich

Early Intervention Program Director:
-EI Program Oversight
-EI Program Fiscal Management
-OCDEL/EI Provider/EI SCO Liaison
-Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)
-Contract Development
-PELICAN Administrator
(814) 949-2912 ext. 207


Elizabeth Hogue

Intake/Enrollment and RiskManager:
-Intake/Eligibility Determination
-Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services
-Supports Intensity Scale and PA+
-County to County Transfer
-Risk/Incident Management
-Waiver Eligibility and Redetermination Lead
-Transition/Employment Lead
-Certified Investigator
814) 949-2912 ext. 213


Catie Richards

Dual Diagnosis Navigator:
-Local Mental Health/ID Services Liaison
-Dual Diagnosis Treatment Team (DDTT)
-Community Stabilization Reintegration Unit (CSRU)Liaison
-Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST) Facilitator
-Human Rights Committee Facilitator
-Dual DiagnosisSteering Committee Liaison
-State Hospital/State Center Liaison
(814) 949-2912 ext. 205

Lisa Frye

Certified Lead Investigator:
-Certified Investigator
-Certified Investigation Peer Review (CIPR) Lead
-CI Peer Group Facilitator
(814) 949-2912 ext. 212

Pam Sheehe

Administrative Assistant:
-Administrative Support
-Voter Registration
-Purchasing Agent
-Record Retention
(814) 949-2912 ext. 201