Representative Payee

SASMG is recognized as an authorized agency to provide Representative Payee services.

The duties of a Representative Payee include:
  • Use of SSI payments for current basic needs – for food, clothing and shelter.
  • Must provide a simple accounting (usually on an annual basis) to Social Security of how the money was spent.
  • Should respond on the recipient’s behalf to any SSA requests for action or information. Common requests are the SSI redetermination of eligibility or request for a continuing disability review.
  • Authority is limited to matters between the recipient and Social Security.
  • Is responsible for reporting any changes in your circumstances (e.g. income, living arrangements, return to work, etc.) to Social Security.

Recipients at any time, may request SSA to change or terminate the payee agreement. Following such a request, SSA will investigate the situation and make a determination. The Representative Payee may also terminate the agreement.

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